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Wake Up To The Digital World – Susie Arthur Advises Fellow Musicians



Ghanaian gospel musician, Mrs Susie Arthur, has advised her colleague musicians to take advantage of online video-sharing and streaming platforms to enhance their music careers since that is the new order.

In as chat with she revealed that, her management team began to make good use of the digital platforms when some music producers and artistes had no belief in the benefits of the digital world.

She argued that ”if you haven’t gone into somebody’s farm, you might think your farm is the biggest or you’re making the big income but the truth is everyone feeds his or her child . . . Cost is being covered and God is continually blessing us”.

She also advised gospel musicians who are behind in the digital age to make good use of its opportunities.

”Better late than never like they say. It’s patience but then also knowing the right roots to channel your energy and also those with the knowledge to help you. God has been gracious and given me people who are hands-on, always reading; management team that are always working behind the scene to make things work.

“So, those who didn’t catch up early, like I said, better late than never. Let’s build relationships. These things are based on relationships. A DJ will pick up your song and play not because you paid the person any money but because maybe they like you as a person, maybe the song you’re doing is great; maybe the work you’re doing is great,” she said.

The reason why some gospel musicians are still behind in terms of monetization of their music online is because they fail to acknowledge the digital world.

Mrs Susie Arthur is currently promoting her new single which is title “Hear My Cry”

The song which was release few months ago is currently enjoying massive airplay in some part of the country