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New Song by Okunin Gyasi Sparks Conversation on Ghana’s Leadership and Economic Policies



Ghanaian musician Okunin Gyasi recently released song titled “Obiaa Aso Aye Hye” that addresses the country’s struggling economy and the poor leadership that has contributed to the country’s financial woes.

In the song, Okunin Gyasi expresses his frustration with the current state of Ghana’s economy, which has been hit hard by rising inflation and a declining currency. He blames the country’s leaders for failing to take the necessary steps to address these issues, and calls on them to do better for the sake of the Ghanaian people.

The song has struck a chord with many Ghanaians who are also feeling the effects of the country’s economic troubles. It has been widely shared on social media and has sparked conversations about the need for better leadership and economic policies in the country.

Okunin Gyasi’s “Obiaa Aso Aye Hye” is a powerful reminder of the impact that music can have on social and political issues. Through his lyrics, he is able to raise awareness about the challenges facing Ghana and the need for change.

Many Ghanaians are hoping that the song will serve as a wake-up call to the country’s leaders, inspiring them to take action to improve the economy and address the concerns of their citizens. As Okunin Gyasi sings in the song, “Obiaa Aso Aye Hye” – everyone is suffering – and it is time for those in power to take responsibility and make a change for the better. Watch the video below