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Most Celebrities Are Living Fake Lives Despite Looking Good On Social Media- Ticktok Star Asantewaa



As we all know, the majority of Ghanaian celebrities borrow luxury stuff like clothing, shoes, and cars to flaunt online.

Although the fortunate ones continue living the “la borrow” lifestyle, the unfortunate ones get caught.

Asantewaa, a TikTok celebrity from Ghana, has confirmed the persistent online assertions that 90% of our superstars are faking their life on social media.

Asantewaa definitely revealed that most GH celebrities are extremely poor and hungry behind the scenes during a Q&A session with her pals.

She claims that the majority of famous people and influencers take out loans on expensive wigs and other stuff merely to flaunt then online before giving them back to the original owners.

She continued that most internet users are even richer and doing well than most celebrities just that they are not stars.

This is not the first time a celebrity has come out to expose the fake life of her colleagues.

As claimed by her, acting in movies alone can never make anyone rich in Ghana.



Cc’ Mercy Yamurk