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Osabee is the big downfall of western north music not DJ’s – Dj Vegas



Dj Vegas, an awards winning dj is calling osaberima Osabee to come out and apologise to Western North Djz, on his post on facebooks statements that DJ’s in Western North are not helping western North artists.

According to dj Vegas, “how many times osabe lead some western North artists to some big musicians in Ghana, Djz in Western North opened their doors for any artists here buh their are willing to close that chance, osabe is in the game know how the game is, and osabe is the problem of western North music industry why because may be in 2020 or 2021 I won people favourite Dj of year but they turn that award to someone and people who head that award they are all lies that is why some big DJ’s removed their salve from that award like king gee, abigy, fredo, broni, kingship many of them, he should come out to apologise to the Djz” dj Vegas stated