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Rapid Growth In Talented Kids Girl Emily’s Life After Few Days With TikTok Star Asantewa



TV3 Talented Kids just ended few weeks ago, and all most all of the young contestants had their mentor they looked up to.

Emily Owusu-Sekyi, well known as Otumfour Nana, a seven year old girl who is multi talented and gifted with poem, acting and dancing was one of the contestants in the Talented Kids.

She took the fourth (4th) position!

Emily pointed Ghanaian Tiktok Star Asantewa, as her mentor from the Genesis of the show till the grand finale.

Few days ago, Emily was introduced to Ghanaian Tiktok Star Asantewa to groom her in her artistic journey.

Asantewa, within few days of Emily being with her,has emerge a great change in Emily’s career.

The likes of her tiktok, Instagram and other social media platforms has been boosted within few days with Asantewa.

Asantewa and Emily has been spotted regularly in videos and pictures circulating on social media. This depicts clearly that, Asantewa got a good heart.