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Emily Returns Back To School After Having Nice Time With Her Mentor Asantewaa



Young talented Ghanaian poet Emily Owusu-Sekyi recently visited her mentor who is tiktok star Asantewaa, they had nice time together per what was flaunted on social media.

Yesterday been May 7th, Emily of the talented kids season 14, who took the 4th position went back to Tarkwa to pursue her education as school just resumed.

The young girl was spotted in several videos on tiktok and Instagram with her mentor Asantewaa, some are dance videos, others are comedy and etcetera.

According to Emily, she had a nice time with Ghanaian tiktok star Asantewaa, she wished she could stay with her forever based on the little impact Asantewaa had on her life.


Emily is set to present a gift to her school for the undying support they showed her during the talented kids era.

“I am still young and got a lot to serve Ghana and the world” says Emily.