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OmanYah Shaddai’s New Song “Mombra Fie” Encourages Africans to Come Back Home



OmanYah Shaddai, a rising African artist, has recently released a new song titled “Mombra Fie,” which translates to “Come back home.” The song is an endogenous African piece that aims to encourage African people living abroad to return to their roots.

In the song, OmanYah Shaddai sings about the importance of reconnecting with one’s homeland and culture. He highlights the challenges and difficulties that come with living away from home, including the feeling of being disconnected from one’s roots and the loss of cultural identity. The song also touches on the economic struggles faced by Africans living abroad and the importance of investing in Africa’s development.

The music video for “Mombra Fie” features stunning visuals of African landscapes, showcasing the beauty and diversity of the continent. The video also depicts the struggles faced by Africans living abroad, such as discrimination and xenophobia, and encourages them to return home to a welcoming and supportive community.

OmanYah Shaddai’s message is particularly relevant in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced many Africans to return home due to travel restrictions and economic uncertainty. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of community and the need to stay connected to one’s roots.

The release of “Mombra Fie” has been met with praise from fans and critics alike. Many have lauded OmanYah Shaddai for his commitment to promoting African culture and encouraging Africans to return to their homeland. The song has also been praised for its uplifting message and infectious beat, which has made it a favorite among fans of African music.

In conclusion, “Mombra Fie” is a powerful and inspiring song that celebrates African culture and encourages Africans living abroad to return home. OmanYah Shaddai’s message is timely and relevant, and his music is a testament to the resilience and strength of the African spirit. As we navigate the challenges of the modern world, OmanYah Shaddai’s music reminds us of the importance of staying connected to our roots and the power of community.