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Why Legalised The Licensed Cultivation Of Marijuana And Criminalised It’s Recreational Usage? Mc Choices Quizzed!



One of Ghana’s prime time Event Hosts, Showbiz Critic and a Social Media Commentator, Mc Choices Afrika has stated his disappointment in the government of Ghana for approving and legalizing the licensed Cultivation of marijuana(Weed) for Medicinal and Industrial purposes and yet Criminalise its Recreational use.

The Master of Ceremony said amidst discussions on the Legalisation of Licensed Cultivation Of Marijuana on Anigye Mmere an Entertainment show on Time 969fm with *Akwasi Ampofo*(Aboboyaa) in Obuasi Ghana.

Mc Choices has expressed so much disappointment in the Government and the President of Ghana for not putting a stop to the continues harassment of people who use Marijuana(Weed) by the Ghana Police Service and edged the Parliament to consider decriminalizing the use of Marijuana for Recreational purposes.

Ghana’s parliament passed a law legalizing the cultivation of cannabis for industrial and health purposes, a move that will help the West.

Watch full interview here