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Blame Movie Directors And Producers For The Use Of Insults And Foul Language By Actors In Movies, Jackson K Bentum Reveals



Popular Award winning and experienced movie director Jackson K Bentum who is also the father of Ghanaian actress cum musician Yaa Jackson has recently revealed that movie producers and directors are to be blamed for the use of insults and foul languages by Actors and Actresses in our movies.

The Producer who is responsible for producing and directing most of the biggest hit movies in Ghana on Saturday 29th July, in a phone-in conversation with Akwasi Ampofo(Aboboyaa) the host of “Anigye Mmere” on Time 969 fm has mentioned that movie directors are supposed to properly edit and scrutinised scripts of actors before allowing them to go on set.

He also stated that producers should not be scared/intimidated by popular actors so as to be able to inform them of their choice of words and also make sure they don’t use insults or expressions that will offend viewers.

In answering a question on whether or not he has been faced with a similar situation in the past, Mr Jackson has jokingly said that he’s not foolish enough to let his casts/characters use cursed words in his movies.

Watch full interview here