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Meet Ghanaian Musician Ragga Star With A Myriad Of Talents Ready To Dominate The Music Scene



Meet promising Raggaa Starr, a young prodigy whose talent shines like a blazing star. You can bet your life on him, as he fearlessly takes the stage, beats, and mesmerizes with his Reggae/Dancehall enchantments and lyrical prowess.

Beyond his undeniable talent, Raggaa Starr embodies the spirit of a relentless go-getter. With unyielding determination, he embraces every opportunity to learn and grow, a trait that sets him apart from the rest.

Unlike many artistes, Raggaa Starr handles almost everything himself, defying the odds and refusing to be swayed by the allure of financial backing. While occasionally receiving support from Ratty Bangarang and others, he remains true to his path, consistently delivering awe-inspiring music to his loyal fans.

In 2021, amidst fierce competition, Raggaa Starr soared high, landing a spot among the top 50 in the prestigious ‘Odeshi’ challenge by Epixodemusic. Recently, his talent caught the attention of Iwan Suhyini, leading to a captivating feature in the renowned ’64 Ballion Reddim’ with his single ‘Dealer.’

But that’s not all; Raggaa Starr is currently crafting a musical masterpiece in the kitchen, a scrumptious dish that promises to leave music enthusiasts spellbound.

So keep your fingers crossed, for he is about to serve a feast for the soul that will leave you craving for more!