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Jennifer Throne Rebrands To Ich Bin Jennifer And Releases New Single ‘WANYI ME AMMA’



Ghanaian Gospel musician Jennifer Throne has rebranded herself as Ich Bin Jennifer and released a new song titled “WANYI ME AMMA”. The new track talks about God’s faithfulness towards us and how we can boldly say that He never gives up on us.

Ich Bin Jennifer’s career in the music industry has been a successful one, with many hit songs and collaborations with other Gospel singers. To take her career to the next level, she decided to undergo a rebranding process and change her artist name to Ich Bin Jennifer.

“The name Ich Bin Jennifer represents my identity and my love for God. It’s a German name that means ‘I am Jennifer’,” she explained. “I believe that my new name will help me connect with more people and spread the message of the Gospel to a wider audience.”

“WANYI ME AMMA” is a powerful song that reminds us of God’s love and faithfulness towards us. The lyrics are heartfelt, and the melody is soulful, making it a perfect addition to any Gospel playlist.

Ich Bin Jennifer is excited about the release of her new single and hopes that it will inspire and uplift all who listen to it. She promises to continue making music that glorifies God and spreads His message of hope and love to the world.

In conclusion, Ich Bin Jennifer’s rebranding process and new single “WANYI ME AMMA” is a testament to her growth as an artist and her commitment to spreading the Gospel message. We look forward to hearing more from this talented Gospel singer.