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Introducing Tonsiklodin: A Visionary Ghanaian Fashion Designer From Koforidua



The landscape of fashion in Africa is evolving rapidly, ushering in newfound prosperity for fashion designers. Gone are the days when they remained on the fringes of society; now, they’re prominent figures in their own right. One such luminary is Anthony Angmorteh, a Ghanaian fashion designer hailing from Koforidua in the Eastern region.

Tonsiklodin, as he is professionally known, discovered his affinity for fashion during his formative years, nurturing it through his childhood and beyond. His creative identity resonates with simplicity and innovation, often highlighted by his adept use of colors and print combinations.

In a candid conversation with Tonsiklodin, he confided, “I’ve poured my time, energy, and dedication into honing my craft. The results you witness today are a testament to unwavering diligence and hard work.”

Tonsiklodin’s artistic prowess has propelled him onto the global stage, earning him accolades and patrons of distinction. His creations consistently deliver value and contentment to esteemed personalities within the Eastern region.

Tonsiklodin’s repertoire spans an array of expertise, ranging from refined tuxedos suitable for weddings and elegant dinners to casual and executive suits. Furthermore, his mastery extends to crafting authentic African attire for both men and women. You can find Tonsiklodin nestled in the heart of Srodae, Koforidua.

To experience Tonsiklodin’s artistry firsthand, get in touch for orders and deliveries at 0543472831. Connect with him on Facebook under “tonsi klodin,” on Instagram as “tonsi_klodin,” or reach out via email at