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Ghentle collaborates with Dimes Havie for new hit single ‘Easy For Me’ set to release on September 29, 2023



Fast-rising Ghanaian musician Ghentle is gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated new single “Easy For Me”. The song, which is set to drop September 29th, 2023, features talented musician Dimes Havie.

Produced by Rayrock, “Easy For Me” promises to be another hit from Ghentle, whose unique sound and style have endeared him to fans across the country. The addition of Dimes Havie to the track is set to create an even richer sound experience that will further showcase the talent of both musicians.

Ghentle’s music fuses modern and traditional Ghanaian sounds in a way that has gained him a growing following of fans both within the country and beyond its borders.

The inclusion of Dimes Havie, who has also been making waves in the Ghanaian music scene, adds to the excitement surrounding the release of “Easy For Me”. With his soulful voice and impressive range, Havie is sure to bring his own unique touch to the track.

Mixed and mastered by Eliza Beatz, “Easy For Me” is set to be a high quality production that will do justice to the talents of both artists. Fans eagerly await the release of what promises to be yet another hit from Ghentle, and a showcase of the exciting and vibrant young music scene in Ghana.