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Annor Drops New Song ‘Yebeye’ Featuring Ekow Marvel And 2hypeKaytee



Ghanaian musician Annor has released a hot new single titled ‘Yebeye’ featuring rapper 2hypeKaytee and highlife sensation Ekow Marvel. The track has already been making rounds across radio stations in Ghana since its release. ‘Yebeye’, which means ‘we will do it’ emphasizes on the strength of unity, hard work, and perseverance in achieving success and overcoming obstacles.

Annor’s unique blend of rap, hiplife,highlife and hip-hop styles is showcased in this upbeat, catchy track. He delivers rousing verses alongside 2hypeKaytee and Ekow Marvel who bring their distinctiveness to the track, delivering verses that add to the overall appeal of the song. With its infectious chorus and groovy beat, ‘Yebeye’ looks set to be a hit across the African music scene. Fans are excited about the new release and can’t wait to see what the talented Annor has in store for them next.

‘Yebeye’ is a great track that highlights the importance of perseverance, hard work, and teamwork in achieving one’s goals. Annor continues to prove himself as one of the most talented artists in Ghanaian music, and this track is a testament to his creativity and skill. With its high-energy beat and catchy chorus, ‘Yebeye’ looks set to be a chart-topper and a crowd favorite for some time to come. Produced by Mirakilous beats.