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Queku JJ’s “Biibi Nti” Addresses the Harsh Realities Faced by Youth in Poverty



Queku JJ’s “Biibi Nti” is a highlife track that delves into the harsh realities and challenges faced by young people in terms of poverty and its adverse effects. The song highlights the fact that many young people resort to harmful coping mechanisms like alcoholism and drug abuse instead of confronting the challenges head-on. Queku JJ invokes a higher power, referring to God, to intervene and guide him towards a path away from the detrimental effects of poverty, allowing him to focus on his dreams and aspirations.

The title of the song, “Biibi Nti,” implies that these struggles happen “for a reason” or “because of something.” The lyrics discuss the underlying reasons for the choices young people make when faced with tough situations.

Musically, the track falls into the highlife genre, which combines traditional African rhythms with Western musical elements. The gentle melody of the song may contrast with the weight of the lyrics, giving listeners a bittersweet experience.

Overall, “Biibi Nti” is a commentary on the economic and social obstacles that young people face. It emphasizes the impact of poverty on their choices and decisions and portrays a desire for divine help in achieving a more positive outcome.