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“Moses Did Not Make It To The Promised Land,” Charles De-Inspirational Jabs Colleague Joshua Ahinkra



Renowned Gospel Minister Charles De-Inspirational in a recent interview has condemned fellow musician over his comment on being the Moses of The Asante Obuasi Gospel industry.

On Saturday 26th August 2023, the Minister who was on Anigye Mmere on TIME969FM to promote his annual Gospel event dabbed ‘ARENA OF WORSHIPERS in an interview with Akwasi Ampofo(Aboboya) said that, Moses was a servant of God who failed to complete the work assigned to him by God to bring the children of Israel out of captivity and take them to the Promised Land.

So He believes Joshua Ahinkra’s comment to be a misplaced assertion and urges him to reconsider his position with regards to the work of God and promotion of the Gospel. Charles De-Inspirational also advices Josh to make good use of the platforms and opportunities he’s blessed with rather than condemning others.

This year’s “ARENA OF WORSHIPERS” with the theme ‘Thy Grace’ came off on Sunday 27th August 23 at the Mercies OF God Strong Chapel in Obuasi and has seen a variety of wonderful performers from both the Asante and Greater Accra regions respectively.

Watch full interview here