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OdehyieBa The Maestro Has Unleash A New Song, Titled Adom Nyame Na Waye, To Acknowledge The Gracious God Of Stephen Adom Kyei Duah (The Voice Of God, Adom Nyame)



Ghanaian singer, songwriter, vocalist and performer OdehyieBa The Maestro has finally welcomed a very powerful gratification song, He termed this masterpiece ‘Adom Nyame Na Waye’ and He dedicated this song to the God of the Believers Worship Center,who is widely known as ‘Adom Nyame’ literally translated as ‘Gracious God’

‘The voice of God’ who in real life known as Stephen Adom Kyei Duah. The leader and founder of believers worship center and the Philadelphia movement through the greatness and strength of the Almighty God, causing mighty works to accomplishment.

Testimonies from people across the globe of which The great man of God has been setting free from their obstacles and difficulties in life are massive and uncountable. Financial breakthrough, bareness and other terrific difficulties in man’s life are the peanuts works of ‘Adom Nyame’ through His servant Stephen Adom Kyei Duah (The Voice Of God)

This cause OdehyieBa The Maestro to script a gratitude song to acknowledge ‘Adom Nyame’, of this end time, for his mighty works on His people