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MohBad’s Demise has really affected my album It breaks my heart 💔 RockieFella cries out on Sompa FM & Tv



Hugh’s Diary is out and live on all platforms! I can say it’s the biggest album I have from camp Everything is really going good at this side But I have a very big problem on the grounds right now

May my brother Imole, keep resting and I will say his death has really affected me very much
Because my album was out on 3rd September and he died on 12 September
It’s sad Cuz most of my promoters and bloggers I have are Nigerians and I know how things go when we have such issues in the industry!!
I don’t think nobody understands and feel how I’m feeling right now
RockieFella told sompa Fm host DJ Kazopy

Anytime I take my phone to check on my album or something online The most things are see right now is MohBad MohBad

Because all has been like
Justice for MohBad of which we are all seeking for

It has really brought a lot upon me so much !
Personally,physically and emotionally,
JusticeforMohBad Fella told the host
Hugh’s diary is out on all platforms
Check it out