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Ewa Kyng Out With A New Banger Dubbed ‘Focus Freaky’



Berlin based Ghanaian versatile singer, Ewa Kyng has released a new dancehall tune christened “Focus freaky”.

This song comes after he released “On fire” earlier this year, which received positive reviews and gained him increased recognition in the music scene.

“Focus Freaky” is a catchy and energetic dancehall track that showcases Ewa Kyng’s versatility as an artist. The song is accompanied by a vibrant music video, filled with captivating dance moves and stunning visual effects.

In “Focus Freaky”, He displays his lyrical prowess and ability to deliver catchy hooks that are sure to make this song an instant hit. The lyrics tell a story of living life to the fullest and celebrating one’s individuality, encouraging listeners to stay focused on their goals and embrace their unique qualities.

Ewa Kyng’s distinct voice and charismatic stage presence have made him a favorite among music lovers. With each release, he continues to push the boundaries of different genres and create music that resonates with people from all walks of life.

Born and raised in Ghana, Ewa Kyng moved to Berlin in search for greener pastures and to pursue his music career and has since become an integral part of the Ghanaian music scene.

Stream “Focus Freaky” below