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Kwabena Vandyke- Nipa Nye Ft. Thato



Kwabena Vandyke, the multi-talented musician, has dropped another hit song titled ‘Nipa Nye’. The song implores listeners to be cautious of the people they allow into their circles, especially those close to them.

Kwabena Vandyke features Thato, who adds an ethereal element to the song, making it a soulful track that fans can enjoy.

The message in ‘Nipa Nye’ is clear; sometimes, the people closest to us can be harmful, and we need to be mindful of who we allow in our circles.

The lyrics of the song are a mix of English and Twi and are easy to sing along to, no matter your native language. With this latest release, Kwabena Vandyke continues to prove his versatility as a musician, combining his talents to create music that is both soulful and thought-provoking. Production credit goes to Mizta Jhay.

Kwabena Vandyke Ft. Thato – Nnipa Nye (Prd. by Mizta Jhay)