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Clem Biney Drops ‘The 7 Testi Menti’: A Dazzling EP Unveiling a Sonic Tapestry of Emotions and Artistic Brilliance



In a momentous occasion for the music realm, the renowned artist Clem Biney unveils his latest EP, “The 7 Testi Menti.”

This much-anticipated compilation is a vivid display of Biney’s artistic mastery and musical range, inviting listeners on a captivating odyssey through a kaleidoscope of emotions.

With “The 7 Testi Menti,” Clem Biney reaffirms his creative brilliance and dedication to providing an unparalleled auditory journey. The tracks effortlessly fuse diverse production styles, including noteworthy collaborations with the exceptionally talented Matt Diana. Explore and download on your preferred platform. Stream here..

Check the track list below!!