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Prophet Albert McWilliams Hits Back With Nyame Ayɛ Bi In Early December



Breaking out of his brief hiatus to upgrade his singles discography, Prophet Albert McWilliams is hitting back at his fans in the first week of December with an end-of-year single to ignite the spark of a comeback propped with an unwavering poise to stay prolific in releasing more singles and videos from 2024 to show sworn consistency in the music arena.

Resurfacing with a piece dubbed “Nyame Ayɛ Bi”, it’s then an easy inference that the Prophet has overcome some dire life challenges and he has gratefully woven a praise theme to glorify God for divine intervention and victory.

And oh! He even sets a smart numerology code to the single’s release date, aside its beautiful God-glorification lyrics. Probably, Prophet Albert McWilliams consciously chose December 3 to use the number 3 to pay a subliminal reverence to the Christian Holy Trinity.

Quoted verbatim, Prophet Albert McWilliams went like “God has really transformed my life by raising me to a better standard” and “Nyame Ayɛ Bi” is my Thanksgiving song to Him”, when asked why he wrote “Nyame Ayɛ Bi”.

“Nyame Ayɛ Bi” was produced by SlyBeatz.

A little keen curiosity into Prophet Albert McWilliam’s ministerial portfolio got us to the finding that he is the founder and presiding bishop of the Lord Jesus Life Chapel which is monikered as “Yesu Mogya Prayer Center”. His church is in Tarkwa.

His award log is pleasing, having had these 5 prestigious awards: Western Music Awards 2018.
(Gospel Song of the Year), Western Showbiz Awards 2019 (Best Gospel Artist of the Year), Africa Achievers Merit Awards 2019 (Most Promising Gospel Artist of the Year), Ashanti Region Music Awards 2020
(Non-Ashanti Song of the Year and Non-Ashanti Gospel Song of the Year).

WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel