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“It’s Only A Fool Who Refuses To Take Care Of His Mother” Shatana Jabs Shatta Wale?



Musician and Humanitarian, Shatana has spat some flames in a new video that has recently sufficed online.

In the said video, the songstress is heard angrily using unprintable words against individuals who are well to do but are refusing to take care of their own mothers.

In the trending video, a hen is seen having all his little chicks around it and taking care of them. Shatana’s rants in the video is geared towards well to do people who have all the monies but yet their mothers are struggling and finding it difficult to afford a shelter to lay their heads or a three square meal. Shatana called such individuals as fools of the highest form.

The real bone of contention is when Shatana became specific in the video and all information she gave matched a particular well known artiste whose mother not long ago, has been lamenting how she has become impoverished because his famous and rich son has refused to care for her.

Shatana also expounded how it is nonsensical to buy all the range rovers, expensive jewellery and live luxuriously while your mother suffers.

Shatana has been very instrumental in caring for the late Terry Bonchaka’s mother since the demise of the musician.