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IVA 4EVER Drops New Song ‘Adwoa Wo’ Advocates Against Abortion and Teenage Pregnancy



Ghanaian musician IVA 4EVER delivers a powerful message through his song titled ‘Adwoa Wo’. The artist uses his platform to address the pressing issue of abortion and teenage pregnancy, urging young ladies to make informed decisions and choose alternative paths.

In ‘Adwoa Wo’, IVA 4EVER emphasizes the importance of saying no to abortion, highlighting the potential physical and emotional consequences it may bring. Through thoughtful lyrics and a captivating melody, the artist aims to raise awareness about the significance of preserving life and providing support for young mothers. By encouraging dialogue and understanding, IVA 4EVER hopes to contribute to a society that values and protects the lives of both mothers and their unborn children.

Furthermore, IVA 4EVER addresses the issue of teenage pregnancy, calling upon young ladies to reject this path and instead focus on their education and personal growth. Recognizing the challenges that teenage mothers often face, the artist provides a voice of encouragement, promoting self-empowerment and the pursuit of a brighter future. Through his music, IVA 4EVER aims to inspire and uplift, offering guidance to those who may find themselves at a crossroads.

IVA 4EVER’s song ‘Adwoa Wo’ serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of making responsible choices when it comes to issues such as abortion and teenage pregnancy. By advocating for alternatives and promoting dialogue, the artist hopes to make a positive impact on young lives, fostering a society that supports and uplifts its young women. It is a timely and poignant message that resonates with audiences, urging them to stand against these societal challenges and embrace a future of empowerment and compassion.