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Addytan, Ghana’s talented and fast-rising singer, released new promotional pictures



The gifted artist, who recently released his debut single for 2024 — ‘Forever’ — appeared fashionable and suave in his freshly released promotional photos.

Listen to Forever here:

He was seen wearing an all-black shirt and jeans, paired with white Nike sneakers with red accents and a white shade, giving him a superb fashion sense.

In other photos, he was wearing the same black shirt and jeans, with braided hair and a chain, proving to the public that he is not only a skilled artist but also a fashionista.

View the images below.

Addytan, born Addy Nii Tettey Antiaye, released his forever single on February 2nd, 2024, letting the world know that he believes everyone deserves pure and genuine love, which was inspired by the adoration he receives, and then discusses his high school love story