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Slim Gee – Abena -(Prod. By Rocket Beat X iambeatz)



Slim Gee, the talented musician, has recently released a captivating new song titled “Abena.” Produced by Rocket Beat and iambeatz, this track is a true musical gem. With its infectious rhythm and catchy melodies, “Abena” is sure to captivate listeners from the very first note.

Slim Gee’s smooth vocals effortlessly blend with the lively beats, creating a harmonious fusion of sound. The lyrics of the song tell a heartfelt story, showcasing Slim Gee’s skillful songwriting.

“Abena” is a testament to Slim Gee’s artistry and passion for creating music that resonates with his audience. Get ready to groove and let “Abena” take you on a musical journey like no other.

Slim Gee – Abena -(Prod. By Rocket Beat X iambeatz)