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How to Earn an Apprise Music Plaque.



How to Earn an Apprise Music Plaque. Musical excellence knows no bounds, and Apprise Music Plaque recognizes and celebrates outstanding talent through various distinguished plaques. These plaques serve as tokens of appreciation for musicians who have made significant contributions to the industry. Let’s delve into the different criteria for earning recognition through the esteemed Apprise Music Plaque.

Honorary Plaque
Musicians who exhibit exceptional talent and skill are awarded the Honorary Plaque, a symbol of respect for their remarkable contributions to the music world. The Honorary Plaque is a prestigious acknowledgment of their dedication and artistry.

Fee: Not Applicable

Osagyefo is presented with an Honorary Plaque.
Honorary Stream-Based Plaque
For musicians who have amassed over 1 million streams across all music platforms, the Honorary Stream-Based Plaque awaits. This plaque is a testament to their widespread popularity and influence within the industry, reflecting the admiration of their vast audience.

Fee: Not Applicable
Apprise Recognition Plaques
In collaboration with selected awards schemes, Apprise Music issues Recognition Plaques to deserving artists. These plaques serve as a symbol of partnership and mutual recognition, further enhancing the artists’ prestige within the music community.

Fee: Not Applicable
Lhord Verses and Brave Gee
Lhord Verses (right) and Brave Gee (Left) receives Apprise Recognition Plaques
Stream-Based Plaques
Musicians who have accumulated a minimum of 50,000 streams across all music platforms qualify for the Stream-Based Plaque. This plaque not only acknowledges their growing fan base but also offers additional perks to enhance their professional image.

Price: GHC 2,000
The Stream-Based Plaque includes:
An Apprise souvenir pack, adding a personalized touch to the recognition.
A professional photoshoot session to capture the artist’s essence and style.
A personalized press release, spotlighting their achievements and milestones.

The Apprise Music Plaque criteria cater to a diverse range of musical talents, ensuring that excellence in the industry is duly acknowledged and celebrated. Whether through honorary recognition or stream-based achievements, these plaques serve as symbols of prestige and honor, motivating musicians to continue their pursuit of greatness in the world of music.

How to Earn an Apprise Music Plaque…You can contact Apprise Music for more information.