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Royal Wedding: Paramount Chief Col. Morgan ties the knot



Royal Wedding: Paramount Chief Col. Morgan ties the knot

The Paramount Chief Dr. Col. Kelvin Morgan of the reputed BAKHOLOKOE kingdom sealed his commitment to a lifelong union in a Royal wedding on Saturday.

The ceremony, held at LAPAZ, marked the official union of Col. Kelvin Morgan and his longtime girlfriend, Queen Mother Mrs. Esther Morgan. The exclusivity of the event was maintained, with only a select few guests in attendance, including dignitaries from both the country and across the African continent.

Notable figures present included Fidelia Graand-Galon, Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Republic of Suriname, Paramount Chief Aubrey Maleke, and Paramount Chief Jerry Mabea Mabea, representing the esteemed Paramount Chiefs from the BAKHOLOKOE KINGDOM MONARCHY in South Africa.

Among the distinguished guests within the country were Prosecutor Kwesi Ofori, Ambassadors Alexander Boateng and Flint, as well as HRH Queen Unity Ndinyah, the Queen Mother of All African Women, BAKHOLOKOE MONARCHY. The event also saw the attendance of high-ranking members of the police service, civil services, and representatives from the media fraternity.

Chief Dr. Col. Kelvin Morgan, known for his dedication to fostering positive change, is presently leading a crusade against bad leadership. Additionally, he is actively involved in initiatives to position African youth for a brighter tomorrow.

Filed By: Agaatorne Douglas Asaah