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Volta music isn’t going far like other regions because most of the upcoming artistes find it difficult to support each other – Density Willy



In a recent interview on Shine 96.9fm with DJ Stephen Gh, rising artist Density Willy highlighted a concerning issue within the Volta music scene: a lack of support among upcoming artists. Density Willy, who was on a tour promoting his “Better Days Ahead” EP in the Volta Region, expressed his views on the challenges faced by emerging artists in the region.

According to Density Willy, many upcoming artists in Volta struggle to support their colleagues, which ultimately hinders their collective progress in the music industry. This lack of solidarity and collaboration among artists not only impacts individual careers but also limits the growth and recognition of the Volta music scene as a whole.

While the Volta Region has produced talented artists, the fragmented support system and competitive dynamics among artists have created barriers to success. Without a strong network of support and collaboration, artists may struggle to gain visibility, access opportunities, and reach their full potential in the industry.

To address these challenges and foster a more supportive environment for emerging artists in Volta, it is essential for the music community to come together, collaborate, and uplift one another. Building a culture of solidarity, mentorship, and mutual support can create a thriving ecosystem where artists can grow, learn from each other, and achieve greater success collectively.

By promoting a culture of collaboration and support, upcoming artists in Volta can overcome barriers, leverage their collective talents, and elevate the region’s music scene to new heights. As Density emphasized, the key to unlocking better days ahead for Volta artists lies in working together, supporting each other, and building a strong foundation for success in the music industry.

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