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Ghanaian Star URG Baby in Talks with Atlantic Records for Multi-Million Dollar Deal



Atlantic Records, one of the top record labels in the United States, is reportedly in talks with Ghanaian rising superstar URG Baby, also known as The Baby of Africa, for a record deal worth millions of dollars.

The young artist has been making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and energetic performances, catching the attention of both fans and industry professionals.

URG Baby’s talent has not gone unnoticed, as he recently received praise from Ghanaian music icon Shatta Wale. The “Dancehall King” singer commended URG Baby for his hard work and dedication to his craft, offering his support and encouragement. This recognition from a respected figure in the music industry only further solidifies URG Baby’s status as a rising star to watch.

With Atlantic Records showing interest in signing URG Baby to their roster, the young artist’s career is set to reach new heights. The potential deal with the prestigious record label could provide URG Baby with opportunities to showcase his talent on a global scale and reach a wider audience.

As news of the possible record deal spreads, fans of URG Baby eagerly await for more details to unfold. The future looks bright for the Ghanaian artist, and with the support of industry professionals like Shatta Wale and Atlantic Records, URG Baby’s music career is on the path to success.