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Kwabena Fori Drops ‘Let Me Go’ Off His ‘Tuesday EP’



Ghanaian singer and songwriter Kwabena Fori has released a new single titled ‘Let Me Go’ from his upcoming ‘Tuesday EP’. The track, produced by ibee on the beat, showcases Fori’s smooth vocals and catchy melodies. With its infectious hook and soulful vibes, ‘Let Me Go’ is sure to captivate listeners and leave them wanting more.

Known for his unique blend of highlife, Afrobeat, and soul music, Kwabena Fori continues to impress with his latest release. ‘Let Me Go’ explores themes of love, heartbreak, and independence, while showcasing Fori’s impressive vocal range and songwriting skills. The track is a perfect preview of what to expect from the upcoming ‘Tuesday EP’, which promises to be a standout project in Fori’s already impressive discography.

Fans of Kwabena Fori and lovers of good music alike are sure to be thrilled by the release of ‘Let Me Go’. With its infectious beat, heartfelt lyrics, and undeniable groove, the track is a must-listen for anyone looking for a fresh and soulful sound. Keep an eye out for the full ‘Tuesday EP’ release, and be sure to add ‘Let Me Go’ to your playlist for a guaranteed good time.