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Gospel Musician Ich Bin Jennifer Expresses Desire to Collaborate with Shatta Wale



Ghanaian Gospel musician Ich Bin Jennifer, currently based in Switzerland, has revealed her desire to collaborate with Dancehall artist Shatta Wale on a future project. In a recent interview with Kumi Kasa on Koforidua based Bryt 99.1FM, Ich Bin Jennifer expressed her admiration for Shatta Wale’s talent and believes that he is “born to do the work of God.” She has been praying for the opportunity to work with him and hopes that their collaboration will bring people closer to God.

Ich Bin Jennifer is currently gaining attention with her new song “Adom,” which has been well-received by fans and critics alike. Her music is known for its inspiring and uplifting messages, and she hopes to continue spreading positivity and faith through her music. A collaboration with Shatta Wale would bring a new dynamic to her sound and potentially introduce her music to a wider audience.

Ich Bin Jennifer’s admiration for Shatta Wale is rooted in her belief that he has a divine purpose. She stated that she believes Shatta Wale is “born to do the work of God” and that his music has the power to inspire and uplift others. By collaborating with him, she hopes to tap into his talent and create something special that will glorify God and bless the lives of many.

‘I will name the song ‘Heart Disire’ beecause God is calling shata walle into ministry and he knows it because he has been seeing many signs but he is proving stubborn’ – she said

While there is no confirmation on whether a collaboration is in the works, Ich Bin Jennifer’s enthusiasm and dedication to her craft are evident. Fans of both artists will be eagerly waiting to see if this dream collaboration becomes a reality. In the meantime, Ich Bin Jennifer continues to make waves with her inspiring music, and her new song “Adom” is a testament to her talent and passion. Check out her new song ‘Adom’ below.