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Omega Nen- Ginger- Ft. Nad -(Prod. By Nad Xclusive)



Legendary musician Omega Nen has unveiled a brand-new love song titled “Ginger”, produced by Nad Xclusive and featuring Nad. This soulful ballad is a heartfelt tribute to the special woman in his life, with Omega Nen pouring out his affection and admiration.

In “Ginger”, Omega Nen’s smooth vocals and Nad’s harmonies blend together in perfect harmony, creating a romantic atmosphere that will leave listeners swooning. The song’s gentle melody and sincere lyrics make it a beautiful expression of love and appreciation.


Omega Nen’s complimentary words to his woman are sure to melt hearts, as he celebrates her beauty, grace, and loving nature. “Ginger” is a testament to the power of love to inspire and uplift us.

“Ginger” is now available on all major music streaming platforms. Treat your loved one to this beautiful serenade and experience the joy of love through Omega Nen’s soulful voice.