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Music Is Not About Stripping For Attention – Naf Kassi



Musicians deploy various means to gain attention and stripping or showing some flesh has become one of such strategies.

However, Ghanaian artist Naf Kassi has, in an interview on Best Fm’s ‘Entertainment Zone’ said music is more than just stripping for attention.

Speaking to Shocka on the show, she said an artiste needs to be disciplined.

“It’s not just being in a room, pulling your pants down and trynna show all gangster and stuff. You need to be disciplined about it”.

”Because of my religion, even though i was still finding my way to do the music, but my dad tries to make me understand that ‘your things should be in order’. And my mom, she’s so supportive so i got all that discipline from them. It’s from home then it reflects out in your music,” she said.

Naf Kassi is currently eyeing her first award at the 4th edition of the Western Music Awards after grabbing 4 nominations and also set to release her new single soon