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Nino Black -Kpoo keke -(Prod. By M.O.G)-(Www.Kumikasa.com)

One of the hard working but underated musicians in Eastern Region is Nino Black, Nino Black is authentic, original and has stayed true to his roots – from his first song, it was obvious he is creative and innovative and has passion for the music industry.

Nino Black has developed a niche in the music industry for himself and has worked hard to attain the success he has achieved so far which is admirable.

With these been said, Nino Black has endorsed a brand new product on the market,thus, releasing a song for this product tagged “Kpoo Keke Atadwe and Ginger Liquor”.

Nino Black revealed in the song how producers of “Kpoo Keke” are committed to provide patrons with more quality products, great fun and excitement to energize their days and liven up parties.

Could it be that Nino Black has been signed by Liberty Industries Ventures, producers of Kpoo Keke Atadwe and Ginger Liquor with active ingredients to boost your immune system? Check out the song here.


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