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Vybz Shella Drops New EP ‘Re-Incarnated’



Ghanaian dancehall music artist, Vybz Shella, renowned for his vibrant and energetic style, has recently released his much-awaited EP, “*Re-Incarnated*”. This EP showcases a collection of six captivating songs that are set to shake up the music scene. Let’s dive into the titles of these exciting tracks:

VYBZ SHELLA – Re-Incarnated EP Tracklist

1. “Tatale”: Kicking off the EP, “Tatale” delivers an infectious rhythm that will have listeners grooving along in no time. Vybz Shella’s signature style shines through in this high-energy track.

2. “Dedei”: With its catchy beats and catchy hooks, “Dedei” is a standout song on the EP. Vybz Shella’s lyrical prowess truly shines in this track, making it an instant hit.

3. “Va Midjo” (Feat. Magnom): Collaborating with the talented Magnom, Vybz Shella brings a fresh and unique sound to “Va Midjo”. This track is a perfect fusion of both artists’ styles, creating a captivating and memorable experience.

4. “Chairman” (Feat. Alorman, *Mmg BusIVybz*): “Chairman” is a stellar collaboration between Vybz Shella, Alorman, and Mmg BusIVybz. The three artists seamlessly blend their distinct voices and styles, resulting in a dynamic and powerful track that demands attention.

5. “Blessings”: “Blessings” is a feel-good track that spreads positive vibes with its uplifting lyrics and infectious melodies. Vybz Shella’s ability to connect with his audience is evident in this song, making it a standout on the EP.

6. “Koomi Yabaata”: Closing the EP with a bang, “Koomi Yabaata” is a high-tempo track that will leave listeners craving more. With its catchy hooks and infectious rhythm, this song is sure to keep fans dancing long after the EP has ended.

Vybz Shella’s “Re-Incarnated” EP is a testament to his immense talent and musical versatility. Each track showcases his unique style, captivating listeners with its infectious beats and memorable lyrics. With this EP, Vybz Shella proves once again why he is a force to be reckoned with in the Ghanaian dancehall music scene.

Be sure to check out “Re-Incarnated” and immerse yourself in the irresistible sounds of Vybz Shella. This EP is a must-listen for fans of dancehall music and anyone looking to experience the vibrant and energetic world of Vybz Shella.


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EP: Re-Incarnated by Vybz Shella

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