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Rain Afrca Set To Release New Single ‘Plenty Money’ Featuring Smilingboss and AKL



Fans of music group De-Exit have something exciting to look forward to as member Rain Afrca is gearing up to release his new single titled ‘Plenty Money.’ The song, which features Smilingboss and AKL, promises to be a must-listen for fans of Afrobeats and high-energy music.

Produced by the talented Banger life Beats, ‘Plenty Money’ is set to showcase Rain Afrca’s unique style and lyrical abilities, with his collaborators adding their own flair to the track. With a catchy beat and infectious hooks, this song is sure to be a hit on the music scene.

Scheduled for release on 10th May, 2024, ‘Plenty Money’ is already generating buzz among fans and industry insiders alike. With the combined talent of Rain Afrca, Smilingboss, AKL, and Banger life Beats, this song is poised to make waves and solidify De-Exit’s reputation as one of Ghana’s top music groups.

Stay tuned for the release of ‘Plenty Money’ and get ready to dance to the infectious beats and catchy lyrics that Rain Afrca and his collaborators have in store for their fans.