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Alhaji Abdul Wahab Seeks For NDC Communication Officer In Abuakwa North Constituency



The deputy communication officer for the National Democratic Congress NDC in Abuakwa North Constituency who is also vying for the main communication officer position has urged delegates to elect competent executives who would devote their time and resources for party than choosing persons from Accra, Kumasi and other towns to lead the party

Voting for persons outside the Constituency would not help the NDC in the next general elections. It is time for the delegates to decide and I urge them to decide in the interest of the party by Voting executives who would make sure all disputes were settled he said

” The 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections is a must win for the NDC, and the party needed a well – experienced communicator to map – out effective and efficient communication strategy to realise its ultimate goal

” As the deputy communication officer for the party , I promise to continue offering communication leadership for the party in the Constituency by being proactive, use expertise and experience, skills and knowledge to the advantage of the party’s presidential and parliamentary elections campaign, he emphasised

Speaking to Nopras Fm news anchor Awal Adam, Alhaji Wahab said , effective and strategic communication under his leadership led the NDC party in Abuakwa North to achieved a higher results in the 2020 general election

So I am appealing to delegates to give me the chance to lead the communication team and as I promised the party would succeed in the 2024 elections, he said