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I believe to crown ‘biggest artiste’ – Danzryte



Ghanaian UK-based new fast rising artiste on the block, Danzryte, has conker the social media for a while with his hit single ‘Empress’, a favourite of music lovers in Ghana and parts of the African continent.

According to the promising artist, he believes to break through as the biggest artiste in World at the moment due to the buzz and attention he has created with his latest single.

When speaking with Kumi Kasa on phone, he asked Danzryte on whether he is indeed believe to break through as “biggest artiste” in the music industry currently considering the impact his senior colleagues still hold in the industry.

He again attributed the success of his new song ‘Empress’ to the support of the media and social media users who have been captured either singing or dancing to his track.

“The media and social media followers are doing the magic for me. I have sought any form backing in the industry. Much great full to my followers, the media and a big thanks to every Ghanaian, and music lovers for supporting me. much great full,” he said.