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Kofidede,Aprahwiem ‘galamseyers’ dismiss the government’s appeal to stop unlawful mining



Galamsey miners in Aprahwem, Kwahu Abetifi District, Eastern Region, have dismissed the government’s demand to stop illegal mining, often known as ‘galamsey.’

The youngsters engaging in the crime claim that, although being aware of the terrible consequences of galamsey on Ghana’s rivers and forests, they are unable to cease the act due to the money they receive from the activity.

Some of the kids who spoke with the journalist claimed they are aware of the government’s efforts to combat the problem, but they have little option because they always acquire gold whenever they go on site.

“We know the president wants us to quit fighting, but we can’t since we constantly earn gold.” “We see money on a daily basis,” they explained.

Galamsey is still going on in the Kwahu enclave in Akwasiho, Asuoyaa, Kofi Dede, Obomeng Besease, and Aprahwem. Watch this video below