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Meet America based Versatile Ghanaian Artist “Yun Kobe”



Samuel Yeboah. (born february 25, 1995), better known by his stage name Yun Kobe, is a Ghanaian and Hip pop rapper , Afrobeat, songwriter, record executive, entrepreneur.

He is considered by numerous contemporaries as one of the most important rapper artists of his generation.

Yun kobe went to Insanniyaa Senior High after he was done with school , He travelled to USA (Atlanta) in 2012.

In 2012, he worked on his new song called “Forever”. The song was released in 2013 ,Yun kobe found out the beat was sold to others already, so he had to take it down.

In 2014, he then released a hip pop song called “welcome to my island” the song was made and was released in all stores and in 6 months time he realised it was the same as his first song forever so he had to take it down.

So in 2014, he worked very hard on himself and also to build a team and in 2019, he bounced back with a song that most people love till today which is called “Never Change ” which was produced by Dr Ray and was released in 17-May-2019.

In 2017, he went to california intercontinental university to get his degree and in july 2019 he got his master degree and now pursuing his PHD.

Yun Kobe teamed up with Fameye to remix his song titled “Bad” which gained him more recognition.

In 2019 yun kobe and his team was strong and ready for whatever to come in and go out .

He travelled to nigeria on music tour and he’s also an award winner of BA awards and Greater Accra music award.

Yun kobe won Non Bama Song of the year and hip life song of the year with the song bad International artiste of the year in 2019.

The song was released on 05-Feb-2020, this song sold out itunes and many more.
The song’s video was also released on march 4 ,2020.

Yun Kobe’s Net worth ” $52 million”
But he never called himself rich because he said he is just blessed and he doesn’t believe in the word rich. “Anyone who thinks sitting in church can make you a Christian must also think that sitting in a garage can make you a car”

Yun kobe’s life was mostly in accra james town (Accra).

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YouTube: @Yun Kobe

Instagram: @imyunkobe