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Radio Dj’s & Presenters Should Promote Gospel Songs For Free – Minister Pat Welbeck Appeals



UK based Ghanaian gospel musician Minister Patience Welbeck, is humbly appealing to the radio dj’s and presenters in Ghana to play and promote gospel music for free without taking a dime.

When speaking to, The ”Me Wo Nyame” & ”What A Beautiful Thing” hit maker said; since gospel music is also a form of promulgating and spreading evangelism into the world, radio dj’s and presenters should also support this gospel agenda without thinking of getting something out of it.

As we all know, conveying evangelism through gospel music would have positive impact in the life’s of people.The teachings and the lessons of the Lord are the ones combined and arranged to produce gospel songs, which humankind need in daily life to live with. Since it is the word of the Lord that we are preaching through gospel music, I would be highly enthused if it is being promoted massively and free by the radio dj’s and presenters.

Morever, let ask ourselves.How many gospel musicians are rich like the hiplife and afrobeatz musicians? How many gospel musicians get shows to attend that fetched them income to promote their songs? All these previledges are mostly enjoyed by the hiplife and afrobeatz musicians.

So we find it very difficult as gospel musicians to pay radio dj’s and presenters to promote our songs, since we are financially weak, and this is one factor leading to the death of gospel music..Once again, i’m humbly appealing to radio dj’s and presenters to support gospel music by promoting it for us free of charge.

(Report By Kweku Babytine)