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Ghanaian parents now support their Children’s talent- ABOATEA KWASI

Kumi Kasa



Having the natural aptitude or skill to do something is talent. Gone were the days when most children have got to sneak out of the house to either play football or engage in a musical battle. The insults one has to receive just because he or she said he wanted to be an actor(ess), footballer, musician,dancer, blogger, among the likes was beyond imagination.

Many parents and guardians had in mind that these careers were nothing better and were mostly regarded as “Koborlor careers”. Guardians were so desperate to push their wards to become doctors, lawyers,teachers,nurses, among their likes forgetting career goes with passion.

Of late, with the influx of reality shows involving kids as well as most guardians or parents understanding
creativity and talent through means such as technology as well as observing some benefits of talent, are in very much supportive of their wards talent’s nowadays.

It is in this assertion that ABOATEA KWASI, an Afro highlife musician has praised positive minded guardians who are in one way or the supporting their wards’ gifted skills and further advised those who are still pushing their wards into careers they have no ‘passion’ for to quit the act and rather support their wards talents as soon as its discovered to help reduce or even end unemployment since most of these people come out not getting the jobs.

He made these assertions in an interview monitored by on Ark FM with DJ Sly.