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Ogidi Brown Comes Under Attack …Accused Of Stealing Songs

Kumi Kasa



Music plagiarism or stealing of musical works is not new to the Ghanaian music industry and so long as the industry continues to expand, accusations of artistes stealing songs or beats will also persist but it is worrying and disturbing if one name is always mentioned anytime the issue of song-stealing comes up.

C.E.O of OGB music, Ogidi Brown has added his name to the long list of popular Ghanaian artistes accused of stealing songs.

Ogidi Brown has been accused for stealing a song “Favor me” belonging to one fast rising artiste by name MAYOR.
According to MAYOR, Ogidi Brown’s new trending song “Favour Us” belongs to him.

In an interview with Kumikasa com, MAYOR disclosed that “I will use Ogidi Brown as a lesson to every other artistes doing the same thing in the industry”

We at don’t see it as a big deal. There’s nothing wrong to take inspiration from other people’s songs and make some few changes to suit your style and your audience.

MAYOR’s song “Favor Me” is a great piece same as Ogidi Brown’s “Favour Us” and we should just enjoy the song. Yes, same beat, same rhythm but it’s definitely not word by word or same storyline. Check it out and be the judge .