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V/R: KEA Young Entrepreneur Award scheme inaugurates its first ever board

Kumi Kasa



A 5 board member committee has been formed to facilitate the first KEA Young Entrepreneur awards scheme in the Volta Region.

The 5 board members will see to the smooth running of the first ever award scheme to honour young Entrepreneurs and business ideas in the Region and Ghana as a whole.

The board has been tasked to monitor businesses,goods,products and services rendered by these young idealists nominated and how to boost their businesses as well .

The award will not just be honouring of business ideas but it has also initiated a platforms to market ,educate and projects the achievements, impacts and problems solved by these young entrepreneurs.

The scheme seeks to develop and empower young Entrepreneurs in Africa to be futuristically driven and sustainable in their career.


KEA Young Entrepreneur Awards scheme is a unique platform created to focus on building and projecting the entrepreneurial skills and ideas by both businessmen and women in the Volta Region and Africa at large.

The award scheme has been recently formed and the 2019 awards night will be the first ever program to be organised by the board and its partners .

The awards scheme is also set to give entrepreneurs the exposure to Investors, Potential Customers, Business Partners and many more through video manipulation.

The five (5) Board members include
Mr. Kennedy Amoako
Mary Bedzo Delanyo
Obed Criswell
Michael K. Ahiaku
Edward Trimudehene