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Bansuro- Warning- (Prod. By Blackeyz247)



Bansuro, Ghanaian rapper, has recently released a new single called ‘Warning’, which was produced by Blackeyz247. The song is a rap song in which Bansuro gives warning to other artists who claim to be rappers.

Furthermore, he also warns his haters in the song, expressing his confidence in his abilities and dismissing any threat posed by his detractors.

The lyrics of the song remind everyone of Bansuro’s talent and his superiority in the game. Through ‘Warning,’ he sends a message to all those who dare to challenge his position in the rap scene.

Bansuro’s words reflect his passion for his art and his commitment to maintaining his position as a respected rapper. The song serves as a demonstration of Bansuro’s musical prowess and his ability to connect with his audience through his music. Check it out below

Bansuro- Warning- (Prod. By Blackeyz247)