A Spiritualist Made My Song A Hit- Musician Reveals

Seke Sly has made some
startling revelation about his visits to spiritualist to make his song a hit song.

Seke Sly has revealed that, his former management, consulted a spiritual man before releasing his hit song.

According to him,Ghanaians should not be surprise that his song is all over the street because his management prayed seriously about the song before it was released.

Although receives some antagonistic random reactions from people and experiences bad days as an up coming artiste, he remains undeterred and braves the heat to take his music straight to the fans.

“Nothing is impossible, you just have to work hard for it.Even though I told my former management I’m not interested to visit a spiritual,they went there with my song without my conscience. Been a musician is a long-term goal and I’m putting in the work to achieve that legacy but not to become a household name through a spiritualist,” Seke Sly disclosed to

He however added that, “I want my music to be heard by as many people as possible from all walks of life. Walking up to new people and getting them to listen to my music is fulfilling for me. Good music has to be heard and I thank God I’m now working with a new management “Dons Entertainment”.

Even though Ghanaian record labels cannot boast of the infrastructure, standard and resources to match up with global record labels, they do represent a system that has the potentials of growing Ghanaian music contents into a global phenomenon.

A research done by focused on data from various music distribution platform and also taking into consideration, their Social Media influence and Dons Entertainment was one of such record labels. Seke Sly is now signed under Dons Entertainment

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