ABSTAIN FROM THE ABUSE OF TRAMADOL!! Rapaddict Bobolibo Cautions The General Public

Up and coming artiste Rapaddict Bobolibo who hails from Senya Beraku popularly called Sbcity has an advise for the youth against the abuse of tramadol.

The rising artiste in an exclusive interview to the portal reveals that tramadol is gradually destroying the youth of today who uses the medicine as a tool for sexual boost and satisfaction.

Recently, TV Personality Nana Aba Anamoah reveals a shocking revelation to the whole country on how the Youths at certain parts of the country abuses the drug for nothing sake, no better amenity comes with it.

Furthermore he explains that his research has shown that the drug was made for people who engage in tudious and energy exhausting jobs.

In other places tramadol is given to horses and camels in order to boost them move through the desert with heavy loads on them.

To him, he believes the continuous abuse of the drug will worry the future leaders of this country and therefore calls on Mr President, Counselors, Opinion Leaders to partake in this duty to stop the Youths from damaging their lives and future.

In a nuts shell the rapper has advised everybody especially the youth to abstain and desists from using tramadol unless its by a professional doctor’s prescription.

“The Youths of this beloved country are at my heart, for all you may know, my fans are part. I got worried watching the said video with Nana Aba Anamoah and the Youths who partake in taking the drug. I therefore plead with them to stop” – – he added.

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