Banging Your Girlfriend Before Marriage Is Not Fornication—Ben Brako

Banging Your Girlfriend Before Marriage Is Not Fornication — Ben Brako

Having s3x before marriage is something which has long been considered fornication but in the views of a Ghanaian Veteran musician, Ben Brako, it’s different.

According to the high-life singer, to have s3x before marriage is not fornication and only children will believe that.

Discussing the topic “Who Owns Your Body” with MzGee on Joy Prime’s Gee Spot, the musician revealed that to him he does not accept fornication as an act of having s3x before marriage.

“I think pragmatically you’ve got to learn how to be married before you get married. You can go into marriage totally naive and you look like an idiot.

“Learn how to deal with a man and learn what women want from you… you can go through marital life and be frustrating your wife, so the learning is important,” he said.

He explained that fornication is when you go in for a prostitute but not when you and your loving girlfriend are ‘chopping’ yourselves.

“Fornication is when you go for a prostitute…if you have a loving relationship, it is not fornication,” he added.

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