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HEROIFY &COWARDIFY… I’m not sure of either of these words exists in any Ancient or Modern English Dictionary, but please permit me to use them in qualifying these “HEROS” Entertainment in the context of this article.
It isn’t a news that February 6 was announced to be the “ONE VOICE” Protest to be led by Tubaba. A massively supported and opposed anti government campaign aimed at addressing the injustices against the Nigerian Masses by “People in Power”.

Supported by ordinary Nigerians, despite criticisms and insults that followed Tubaba’s announcement of the said protest, that crusade would’ve been one of the biggest anti government crusades ever embarked upon and Led by a Musician in Nigeria, and in fact Africa as a whole. It had the prospect of being another” OCUPPY NIGERIA PROTEST or Even Bigger.

I guess Fela would have Laughed out Loud from the dead in happiness that someone is taking on from where he stopped.
Saharareporter’s CEO Omoyele Sowore, Top Entertainers and Civil Rights activists have come out bold to endorse the Movement. On the other hand threat of insecurity and abuses from Pro-FG groups, Personalities and the Police characterized the planned protest. But what do you expect? No body like anti Status quo protest, especially those benefiting from that Status.
The Police in Lagos and Abuja declined capacity to protect citizens who would embark on the protest, Blackface and others Called him (Tuface) an illiterate, all of whom got commensurate replies from fans of Tubaba and the protest.

While all that was happening in the media (Social, Print and Electronic) Nigerian Masses, especially the Youths were preparing for February 6th when all things Nigerian in the Media home and Abroad would be “THE PROTEST “.
But that wasn’t going to be the case afterall because the spare head had been broken.

After all the hyperbole about the ONE VOICE protest Tubaba told us the Story.
( if this were a radio or tv show i would have paused a bit to play Tubaba’s E be like Say).
That’s by the way…
He Announced on Sunday 5th that the Scheduled protest was cancelled.
To Charly Boy now.

He came up with the #ResumeorResign protest along side the OUR MUMU DON DO Movement by Deji Adeyanju with not much of Media awareness about it as much as Tubabas One Voice, it grew with much unexpected audacity from Lagos to Abuja and then a London Police Permit to stage same there at the Abuja House.

Even with all odds against it such as Police using tear gas on them which got Charly Boy Collapsing to Pro-Buhari Mob attack that almost linched him , the Protest with a Primary message #RESUMEORESIGN got stronger. Celebrities such as Jim Iyke also came on board and the Protest finally yield the much desire result.

Charly boys dogged spirit didn’t just start with the #ResumeorResign campaign, even in February when Tubaba’s timidity made him cancel the One Voice protest, Charly Boy and Omoyele Sowore of Sahara Reporters held the protest match which did not record any outbreak of law and order as insinuated to be Tubaba’s reason of cancelling it.

It became obvious that Tuface Idibia also known as Tuface or Tubaba was cowered into withdrawing from the public procession knowing that if he should truly do so the momentum would be too much to bear for the Government owing to Tubaba’s popularity.

Yet again this time Charly Boy went on the social media platform, Instagram expressing his hanger with Tubaba whom he thought should have shown solidarity with his campaign but didn’t.

Tubaba’s actions and inactions have totally proven him timid and most COWARDLY Entertainer in Nigeria, and HEROIFIED Charly Boy as the Bravest Entertainer in Nigeria.

What is your own opinion if you disagree with me. Let us know in the comments section of this blog.

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